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Provided at Your Home or Office

Find out as soon as possible if you have an active Covid-19 infection, all without leaving your home or visiting a germ-filled clinic. Call/text 512-400-4033 or book your test below. We also offer onsite testing for groups - inquire with us about group/corporate rates.


It shouldn't take multiple days to get tested and it shouldn't break the bank to get tested either! Our aim at Austin Rapid Test is to combine speed, convenience, safety, and affordability so you can get the results you need as fast as possible.

To enquire about our corporate bulk/group testing rates at the location of your choice, call us at 512-400-4033.

Tests For Active Current Infection

Rapid Molecular PCR

Results in under 15 minutes. Approved for most domestic and international travel.

We come to you: $249


RAPID Antigen Covid Test

Get your results in 10-15 minutes. Performed via nasal swab.

We come to you: $149

Nasal RT-PCR Test

The highest accuracy for detecting active infections. Performed with a nasal swab, and get your result only 1-2 days after your test.

We come to you: $199

Test For Past Infection or Vaccine Antibodies

Rapid Antibody Test

For detecting antibodies that indicate a past coronavirus infection or vaccine. Administered via testing a couple of drops of blood and gives you results in less than 10 minutes.

We come to you: $120

**If you are already getting a Rapid or PCR test, the antibody test can be added onto the booking for $50-$75 depending on the number of people adding the antibody test to the booking.

Stay Wise - Antibody Monitoring Program

Monthly or quarterly antibody tests for those who have been vaccinated or infected, and want to know if antibodies were created and how long they remain detectable in your blood.

Quarterly Monitoring Test Program: $99 per test. If testing multiple people, tests can be added for $70 per test.

Monthly Monitoring Test Program: $89 per test. If testing multiple people, tests can be added for $65 per test.

*To obtain the Monitoring Program discounts, you will have a convenient recurring auto-payment plan, and we request you pre-book at least your first two appointments.

Please call 512-400-4033 to book these appointments.

Test Package Discounts


PACKAGE Discount

Many of our clients choose this package so they can get a fairly confident result right away, and then be even more confident of their status when they receive the PCR results a few days later. You can choose saliva or nasal option for the PCR test.

We come to you: $349

All 3: Rapid Test, PCR Test and Antibody Test [MOBILE]

PACKAGE Discount

For $50 more, get the Antibody test along with both the others and learn if your body's immune response has produced antibodies to the COVID-19 virus. Your choice of PCR Test: nasal or saliva.

We come to you: $399


If you know which type of test you want, click here to book an appointment online or call/text us at 512-400-4033, and we'll get you tested and informed of your results right away.

If you don't know which test you want, click here or scroll down to the "Which Test Should I Get?" part of the FAQ below.

Click here to see our affordable concierge pricing. Our flat fee rates are lower than most clinic private-pay rates, and we come to you rather than asking you to visit a clinic!

We also provide Covid testing to meet pre-travel requirements of most destinations.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Which Covid Test Should I Get?

We currently provide 4 types of Covid tests. One of the tests for past Covid infection, and 3 of them test for current, active Covid infection.

Past Covid Infection Test:

The first test type is the Rapid Covid Antibody test and will tell you if you have antibodies from an immune response to a previous coronavirus infection. It tests a couple drops of blood taken from your finger, and gives you results in less than 15 minutes.

Current Covid Infection Tests:

Rapid Antigen Test - For those wanting a same-day test result (within 15 minutes) and performed via nasal swab.

PCR Tests - We have two types of these highly accurate PCR tests. One is administered via nasal swab and the other via painless saliva collection.

The PCR tests have the highest accuracy and lowest false positive/negative rates of Covid tests, but require sending specimens to a Lab. We have partnered with labs that guarantee a 48 hour (or less) turn around on results from when the specimen is received, so our clients will usually receive their PCR test results only 1-2 days from their test date.

If you want more detailed information or still aren't sure what test is right for you, call us to speak with an expert. If it's after hours, click here to send us a message and we'll get back to you asap.

So, in summary:

If you want to know if you have an active Covid infection, book the Rapid Antigen and/or a PCR test. (Many clients do both so they can get a fairly confident result right away, and then an even more confident result a couple days later)

If you want to know if you may have had a previous Covid-19 infection, book the Antibody test.

You can also get all 3 tests done at a discount (see pricing below)

Call/text 512-400-4033 or click here to book your chosen test or tests now so you can get your results as soon as possible.


How Long Will It Take To Get My Covid Test Results?

The results of the rapid Antibody (past/less-recent infection) are obtained onsite within 15 minutes of your test. We then securely email you an official test result report same day as your test (as long as the test is completed before 5pm.)

The results of the Rapid Antigen (current infection) are obtained onsite within 10 minutes of your test. We then securely email you an official test result report same day as your test (as long as the test is completed before 5pm).

The PCR test specimen must be sent to a lab for processing, and we have specifically partnered with a lab that has a 24-48 hour turn around time from when the test sample is received. So in most cases, you should have your results in less than 48 hours.

Does your Covid testing meet travel and airline requirements?

In almost all cases, yes! The requirements of different destinations can vary ... some require a PCR test result and some will accept the Rapid Antigen test. We have both! And we partner with a local lab that has guaranteed a fast turnaround on the PCR test, so we can test you a few days before travel and get you your results in time, but also within the 96 hour window that most destinations require of your test date.

Check out our Travel and Covid Testing page for much more detailed information about Covid testing requirements, timing, and test types.

I think I may have been exposed ... How long should I wait to get tested?

According to this study, the highest chance of a Covid test detecting the virus in most people occurs from day 5 to day 8 after exposure. There are a variety of factors that can affect these timeframes, but they can be a general guide on when to plan your test. You can click here to pre-book your test for any day of the week.

Will insurance cover my test costs?

Most insurances will only cover Covid testing costs if you have had a medical visit/encounter and the Covid test is ordered by a doctor or qualified healthcare provider. This all requires a clinic visit and appointment with a healthcare provider, which is is not inline with our mission to provide Covid testing from the convenience and safety of your home or office. Therefore, our concierge services are all provided on a private-pay flat fee basis. Click here to view our competitive pricing.

If you have a question that wasn't answered above, call us at 512-400-4033 or click here for our full Covid testing FAQ Page.


The quickest way to schedule your test is to call or text 512-400-4033, or click here to book online. But if it's after-hours or you'd prefer to send your questions here, we'd love to hear from you and will reply as soon as possible.