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How it works

Determine the type of test needed. We are available by phone or text to answer your questions and schedule your appointment.

A nurse will be dispatched to the address you provide. We are available to service the city of Austin including surrounding areas.

It only takes a few minutes for the nurse to administer the test to you. They will then return to their vehicle to finish the testing process.

Once your results are ready, we will email you a protected link in order to view, download, and print your test certificate. This certificate is ideal for travel as well.


Rapid Antigen

(same day result)

This nasal swab test detects viral proteins and can determine if you are currently infected with COVID-19.

Results in 15 minutes.


Rapid Molecular PCR

(same day result)

This (NAAT) nasopharyngeal swab test combines the accuracy of a PCR test with a quick turn around time. This test is commonly used for travel.

Results in 20 minutes.


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RT- PCR Test

(next day result)

 This nasopharyngeal COVID-19 test is a lab based test that detects viral RNA. Our trusted lab partners are CLIA certified.

Results in 24 hours.


Rapid Antibody

(same day result)

For detecting antibodies that indicate a past Covid 19 infection or vaccine. Administered via lancet device in order to collect a few drops of blood.

Results in 10 minutes.


Why our customers love us!

"Kudos to Austin Rapid Test! Everything about my experience with them went wonderfully well. Beginning with an easy to use web-site and ending with an e-mailed test result in less than 24 hours, the experience was seamless. The fact that they traveled to me was an incredible convenience. Do not hesitate. Book your lab test with Austin Rapid Test."

- Rebecca G.

"They were incredible, and went above and beyond when I accidentally deleted my results. Austin Rapid Test returned my call at 7:30 at night to confirm I had found it!! We were leaving at 6 am. Thank you Austin Rapid Test. They were on time, gentle, and kind. They turned an RT-PCR test around in less than 24 hours. Amazing, and well worth the money."

- Mary E.

"We were in need of a rapid Covid test on a Sunday. I was so thrilled to learn of Austin Rapid Test and their in home services. It was easy to book our appointment, they arrived on time and the test was simple and quick. Bravo! I highly recommend their services if you are in need of testing."

- Ann M.