How does Covid testing in Austin work?

There are a variety of options for Covid testing in Austin but very few offer the combination of speed, convenience, test types, and service (regardless of age and symptom status) that we do at Austin Rapid Test. For example, many Covid testing sites in Austin only offer the PCR test, or only offer the Rapid Antigen test, but not both; and very few offer both of these Covid tests for active infection as well as a Covid Antibody test for past infection.

Furthermore, almost no Covid testing options in Austin also offer a Saliva Covid test along with the other 3 test types listed above like we do at Austin Rapid Test.

Finally, for those Covid testing options that do offer both the Rapid Antigen and PCR Covid test types, very few will come perform the test at your home or office like we do.

Covid Test in Austin

Surprisingly, many Covid testing sites in Austin will not allow you to be tested if you are already having Covid symptoms. You are often limited to a drive through Covid testing option if you already have symptoms.

Unfortunately, many drive throughs that are free or associated with your insurance can take more than 24 hours to book an appointment and often 4-5 days or more to actually get you your results.

Insurance usually requires a physician script in order to cover your Covid test, which means you usually need to go inside a clinic to have that provider encounter to get the physician order, but then you're having to go inside a clinic and waiting area that has symptomatic people coming and going. No thanks!

So if you want to book a Covid test appointment quickly, choose from any Covid test type (including the Rapid Covid test or the painless Saliva Covid test), get your results as fast as possible, and get tested without having to leave your home or pack up the family to visit a clinic or drive through, call/text us at 512-400-4033 or book your Covid test online here. We also perform Covid testing on small and large groups as well as at events and large work sites.


Where is the closest Covid testing near me?

Well, you can’t get any closer than in your own home! And our EUA authorized Rapid Antigen Covid test gives results faster than any other Covid test being utilized in Austin (only takes 10 minutes to get your results). If you need a PCR test, we utilize a lab that has guaranteed us a 24-48 hour turnaround, and so far they are usually closer to or even less than the 24 hour period (we also offer a Saliva PCR Covid test, but that occasionally takes a little over 48 hours for results).

Our founders built this business on the premise that people shouldn’t have to go somewhere around symptomatic people or wait long periods to get tested and get your results. So, we created this service where we come to you and you can almost always book your Covid test appointment in Austin the same day you reach out to us.

How long does it take to get Covid test results?

It depends on the test you choose. Our Rapid Covid test will give you results in 10 minutes before our nurse leaves your testing appointment location. An official test result report for your rapid test is provided on the same day as your test. We email you a link where you can quickly login to our secure site and download your report.

Our highest-sensitivity PCR tests have to be sent to a lab, so results take 24-48 hours. Our Saliva Covid test generally takes 2-3 days for results. As soon as the lab provides us your results, we send you an email to securely access your official result report.

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What does Covid testing feel like?

You’ve probably heard horror stories about Covid testing, but don’t worry! For most, it’s mildly uncomfortable. Our Nasal swabs are thinner than many of the Covid tests being used around Austin. The feeling is often compared to water going up your nose but it is over quite quickly. Our Saliva Covid test is painless.

Are Covid Tests 100% Accurate?

There is no Covid test that can completely avoid the possibility of a false negative or a false positive result. False negatives (a negative test result when you actually do have an active infection) in particular can be common based on timing of the test and a variety of other factors, and this should be strongly considered when making decisions based on your test results. In other words, a negative test result does not always mean you are truly negative for covid-19, and if you have had close contact with someone positive with Covid-19 the CDC still strongly recommends you self-isolate.

We only use the highest-quality, high accuracy, FDA EUA tests, and take our staff through rigorous training to ensure proper specimen collection.

Which Covid test is most accurate?

Our PCR Covid tests have the highest accuracy and lowest false positive/negative rates. They require sending specimens to a lab, so results take a bit longer to receive (1-2 days). Our Rapid Antigen Covid test has a sensitivity of 88% and a specificity of nearly 100%. The likelihood of false negatives is also heavily affected by the timing of your test after Covid exposure (see next question below for more info on the Covid test timing topic).

I've been exposed to someone with Covid. How long should I wait to get tested?

Typically, the viral load required for any type of Covid test to pick up takes a few days to reach high enough levels. Some people can get a true positive result on day 2 after exposure, but on average, getting tested within 48 hours after infection Covid will likely result in a false negative. Of course sometimes we don't know exactly when an infection may have occurred if we've been around someone a few times before they realized they had Covid. In those cases, we typically suggest getting tested between 4-8 days from the earliest possible exposure. If you are already having Covid symptoms (which can vary widely and mimic Flu symptoms and/or allergies) it makes sense to get tested even if you think you could not have been exposed longer than 48 hours ago.

Our company simply provides a specimen collection and test processing service, and we do not provide medical advice. With that said, please consult with your medical provider for specific questions about when you should get tested and how you should interpret and respond to your results.

Do you provide Covid testing for kids?

Covid Testing for Children in Austin

Yes! Our tests can be administered to anyone, regardless of age. We have administered Covid testing on children in Austin as young as 6 months old.

Many Covid testing services in Austin will not test children younger than 5 years old and many will not test children who are already showing Covid symptoms.

We think this is a shame and we are here to help! If you suspect your child may have Covid and want to get him/her tested, text/call us at 512-400-4033 so we can get it scheduled right away and inform our specialized nurses of your child's age and any other pertinent information you would like us to know.

This company was built out of concern and necessity, based on the special medical needs of our co-founder's children, so we can absolutely relate to the urgent concerns of a parent who suspects their child may have Covid-19.

How do you inform your clients of their test results?

When you get the rapid antibody test or the rapid antigen test, your testing professional will have your results within minutes and will inform you of those results at the time of your test. Later that day, we also send an official test report (PDF) to you via our secure client portal.

For the PCR tests, once we receive your results from the lab, we immediately place them in your secure client portal and notify you via email with a link to obtain your results in the form of a downloadable/printable PDF.

Will insurance cover my Covid test?

Most insurances will only cover Covid testing costs if you have had a medical visit/encounter and the Covid test is ordered by a doctor or qualified healthcare provider. This all requires a clinic visit and appointment with a Physician or Nurse Practitioner prior to testing, which is is not inline with our mission to provide Covid testing from the convenience and safety of your home or office without delay or need for other appointments. Therefore, our concierge services are all provided on a private-pay, flat fee basis (with significant discounts provided to groups).

Can I get Covid testing without insurance?

Yes you can get tested without insurance being involved and you can also get tested without a doctor's order. We are a private company so there aren’t any insurance restrictions, and all our Covid tests are provided on a private-pay basis.

Can I get Covid testing without a referral?

Yes! You can schedule a Covid test with us at your own convenience, and there's no requirement for a Doctor's order to get tested. Please note though that most insurances do require a Doctor's order to cover test costs, and this is important to keep in mind if you're going to get tested and then send in a self-claim to your insurance company.

covid test for travel

Do I need a Covid test to travel?

Most of the time, yes, but it really depends on your destination and if you're flying to get there. Even if it is not required, you should still consider getting a Covid test to inform and protect yourself and others.

Check out our Travel and Covid Testing page for much more detailed information about Covid testing requirements, timing, and test types.

Does your Covid testing meet travel and airline requirements?

In almost all cases, yes! The requirements of different destinations can vary ... some require a PCR test result and some will accept the Rapid Antigen test.

We have both! And we partner with a local lab that has guaranteed a fast turnaround on the PCR test, so we can test you a few days before travel and get you your results in time, but also within the 96 hour window that most destinations require of your test date. There are some destinations (like Hawaii) that only accept test results from specific companies, so it's important that you check your destination's specific requirements to find out which test type you need, timing factors, and any other limitations they may have for accepted tests.

Again, check out our Travel and Covid Testing page for much more detailed information about Covid testing requirements, timing, and test types.

Can Covid testing detect drugs?

No, our tests cannot detect anything other than Covid-19 or the Flu.

Can I go to work after Covid testing?

This depends on a lot of factors, especially your employer’s protocols. Here are the CDC’s recommendations for when and how long you should quarantine or isolate based on infection or possible exposure.

I need Covid testing, but I can't drive

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We are a concierge Covid testing service so our expert staff will come to you at your home. We can test you inside your house or anywhere outside your house that you desire. Our staff always utilizes proper PPE and sanitization protocols to keep our clients and themselves as safe as possible.

Can I get a Covid test even if I’m asymptomatic?

You can get tested for Covid even if you aren’t showing any symptoms. In fact, some people with active infections show no symptoms at all.

If you think you have been exposed to the virus then you should get tested to keep yourself and others safe.

Please note that the timing of the test is important; most tests will not detect the virus within the first couple days after exposure. The lowest chance of a false negative result occurs between days 5-8 from the time of exposure.

Do you provide Covid Testing for people who are having symptoms?

Yes! It is unfortunate that many Covid testing sites in Austin actually do not allow people who are already symptomatic.

We are dedicated to filling this need and providing Covid tests to anyone who wants them, regardless of symptom status.

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Can I get a Covid test without an appointment?

There are some walk-in or drive-thru clinics that do not require appointments. However, we are an at-home Covid testing service, so you will need to book an appointment in order for us to administer your Covid test in the safety and convenience of your home or office.