Do I Have Covid or Cedar Fever?

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Dealing with cold or flu-like symptoms but not sure if it’s Cedar Fever and allergies or Covid-19? Between November and March in Texas, the mountain cedar is blooming and the pollen from these trees is extremely high which can cause symptoms very similar to covid-19 in many people.

So it can be very difficult to tell the difference and know if it makes sense to get tested for Covid. In fact, we’ve had 2 clients who tested positive for Covid-19 in the past couple weeks who told the testing nurse, “I’m sure this is just Cedar Fever like I get every year, but I’m getting tested just to be safe.”

We put together these graphics to help explain the symptoms that Cedar Fever and Covid-19 often share, and those symptoms that are usually specific to one or the other. It is important to know and understand the symptoms for each of these scenarios and determine whether or not you should get tested.

Cedar Fever 2

BUT it is also important to recognize that Covid symptoms can be incredibly different from one person to the next, and no list of symptoms is perfectly applicable to everyone out there... in some people, the symptoms of Covid are the same as if they just have a mild case of allergies. And sometimes the incredibly stuffy nose associated with Cedar Fever can really affect your ability to taste and smell.

After all that’s said, especially if you’re high risk or likely to be around high-risk individuals, be very cautious about blaming symptoms this year on Cedar Fever.

One thing that experts are saying that is a bit more definitive, is that fever caused by Cedar Fever is typically not higher than 101.5. So if you have a fever higher than that, we definitely recommend getting tested.

If you need a Covid test to differentiate between Covid and Cedar Fever, we can provide the Rapid Antigen test with results in 15 minutes and/or a PCR test with results in 24-48 hours.

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We also offer the Antibody test if you’re interested to see if you have antibodies from a past infection. All our tests are performed from the convenience of your home or office.Text/call at 512-400-4033 or visit our booking page to grab your appointment today. Group discounts available.

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